Shipping options

Delivery to Hungary

Delivery to Packeta pick up point, 1450 HUF
Home delivery by Packeta courier, 2950 HUF
Delivery to FOXPOST parcel machine, 1150 HUF
Home delivery by FOXPOST courier, 2500 HUF

From Hungary to your country

In case of delivery abroad, it depends on the tariff of the given delivery zone and the weight of the ordered products, the calculation of the delivery fee is performed by the delivery fee calculator on the website when entering the exact delivery address. In case of foreign delivery, the delivery time may increase depending on the distance depending on the courier service, expected to be 4-5 working days.

Shipping prices and destination countries 5 kg weight limit.

Austria, 18 EUR

Belgium, 22 EUR

Bulgaria, 18 EUR

Czech Republic, 13 EUR

Denmark, 22 EUR

United States, 76 EUR

United Kingdom, 65 EUR

Estonia, 16 EUR

Finland, 40 EUR

France, 20 EUR

Greece, 14 EUR

Netherlands, 23 EUR

Croatia, 14 EUR

Ireland, 26 EUR

Poland, 14 EUR

Latvia, 17 EUR

Lithuania, 17 EUR

Luxembourg, 35 EUR

Germany, 22 EUR

Italy, 20 EUR

Portugal, 17 EUR

Romania, 14 EUR

Spain, 16 EUR

Switzerland, Liechtenstein, 35 EUR

Sweden, 32 EUR

Slovakia, 12 EUR

Slovenia, 11 EUR

Turkey, 60 EUR

Delivery abroad depends on the prices of the given delivery zone and the weight of the products ordered. The calculation of the delivery fee is done by the delivery charge calculator on the website. The delivery is done by the delivery service provider at a time agreed with the customer. The customer shall check that the package is without any damage when it is delivered by courier. In case of damaged packaging, the damage shall be recorded in a report on the spot.

Please, consider that we can only fulfil your order on the day of your order if you submit it until 2 PM CET. We will do our best to perform the delivery within the delivery time specified above, however, we shall take no responsibility if the delivery time takes longer.

Further information

Our webshop does not initiate deliveries on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. We do not deliver on a postbox address. Although we do our best to deliver your order within the time specified above, we shall not take responsibility for any delay for reasons unattributable to In case of any unexpected delay, we do our best to advise our customers.

If you have any further questions please email us