Terms and conditions


Address of the webshop: dotforyoushop.com
Data of the webshop operator (hereinafter referred to as: Service provider):
Erika Baglyas, individual entrepreneur (small taxpayer enterprise)
1072 Budapest, Klauzál tér 7.
Tax registration number: 76779288-1-42
Registration number: 50927515
Bank account number: MAGNET Bank 16200223-10054615

Customer service:
Postal address: 1072 Budapest, Klauzál tér 7.
Telephone: +36 30 911 2726
E-mail: info@dotforyou.hu

Personal Pick-up Point:
Lumen Vegetable and Community Service Shop
1077, Budapest, Csányi utca 2.
Opening hours:
Monday-Friday 7:30 AM – 7 PM
Saturday: 7:30 AM – 2 PM
Sunday: CLOSED

Acceptance of the general conditions of the contract
During registration and shopping (in both cases) users, when they wish to use the services of the webstore shall accept the conditions provisioned in the present general conditions of the contract, and by accepting these the present contract, according to the general conditions is concluded between the Service provider and the user of the webshop.

Conditions of purchasing
A basic condition for purchasing in the DOT for You webshop is that the user accepts the provisions of the present general conditions of the contract. Any order submitted and confirmed by our staff shall be considered a written agreement based on the Act on contracts concluded between remote parties.
The language of the contract is Hungarian. The price of the good(s) ordered is the price valid at the submission of the order, confirmed on the order. In case the order cannot be fulfilled due to shortage of goods, the price valid at the submission of the order shall be valid for 10 days following the order.

Registration of the orders
Orders submitted are registered on our server. Every customer can track the status of their order at My account\My orders\History on our website. This option is always available.

Stages of an electronic contract conclusion
Registration at our webstore. The User shall provide the data requested by the system corresponding to reality. The User can purchase without registration, however, the data still have to be provided corresponding to reality. Stages: using the cart, ordering the product, selection of delivery and payment methods, payment. The Service provider shall confirm the arrival of the order electronically without delay. This automatic confirmation email informs the User that the order has arrived at the Service provider. Our staff member shall confirm the order as soon as possible, but within 48 hours the latest, by which the contract is deemed concluded. The order and its confirmation shall be considered received when it is accessible by the operator and the User.
Following the confirmation of the order, in case the User has selected the pick-up in person delivery method, can pick up the product at our Pick-up Point, or if the courier service delivery method was selected, the product(s) is/are delivered by courier service. The User can pay for the goods on our website electronically, in case of courier service delivery advance payment or C.O.D. In case of pick-up in person at our Pick-up Point, only advance payment is accepted. Pick-up in person is free of charge. The language of the order and the confirmation is Hungarian.

Purchasing methods
Pick-up in person: the User, after the confirmation received following the order submitted on the Internet, from the subsequent day can pick up the product(s) ordered at our Pick-up Point, during opening hours. The product(s) can be stored at our Pick-up point for 7 (seven) working days. Undelivered goods shall be transported back to the warehousing site. Any goods not taken over after 7 days shall only be delivered again to the Pick-up Point once, if the User requests it in an email. Any undelivered order shall only be sustained for the User following the 7th working day if it had been agreed beforehand, and the User submits such a request to the Service provider in writing.
In case the product is delivered by a courier, the address given must be an address where somebody can take over the delivery on the day agreed (Monday to Friday, from 9 AM to 4 PM), and can pay the price of the order to the courier. The invoice and the guarantee is on the side of the package in a transparent holder, when the package is smaller, the documents are placed in the boxed. The delivery address should not be identical with the delivery address. In case there is nobody to take over the package when the courier arrives, the courier company attempts to deliver once again, and if this is unsuccessful, the package is sent back to the Service provider. If you provide your mobile phone number, the courier contacts you if necessary. If you pay by bank transfer, the product can be delivered to the Pick-up Point or submitted to the courier service, when the transferred money has arrived at our bank account.

Payment methods
Bank transfer (advance payment)
B-payment (payment by credit card)

On the website dotforyoushop.com products with the trademark DOT for You are on offer. The dotforyoushop.com webshop does not sell used, defected products or products of inferior quality compared to the market norms.
The main features of the products are indicated on the pages relevant to the given product at dotforyoushop.com. The pictures and colours of the products on offer on the website may differ from the real colours of the product due to the internet browser or monitor used.

Guarantee and warranty
The seller provides guarantee and warranty in accordance with the relevant legislation [Government decree nr. 151/2003. (IX. 22.)] and its amendments … The seller shall provide a money back or exchange guarantee on the products only if the given product is proven to be defect and the defect is proven to be incurred before the takeover of the product. Any complaint concerning any defect or damage to the product taken over can only be accepted, if the defect could not be detected when the product was taken over, or the product is proven to have a defect of manufacture. The seller shall not provide guarantee for the buyer not liking the product or its contents. In case of exchange or buying back, we can only take over the product in its original packaging.

The right of withdrawal
The buyer has the right of withdrawal following the order, but before delivery. This intent can be indicated via written request to info@dotforyou.hu. In this case, the buyer shall not cover any costs.
In case of a contract between remote parties, based on the Government decree nr. 45/2014. (II. 26.) on contracts between remote parties the customer, from the day of receipt of the product (in case of the purchase of several products, from the day of the takeover of the item provided last, or in case the product has to be provided regularly within a certain period, from the time of the first provision, or from the day of receipt of the goods by the Buyer or the third person appointed by the Buyer different from the carrier) the Buyer has the right of withdrawal from the concluded contract within 14 days without substantiation. This right can be exercised by the Buyer in the period between the day of the conclusion of the contract and the day of receipt of the product(s). In case of a written withdrawal, it shall be regarded as exercised in time, when the consumer sends the declaration of withdrawal before the expiry of the deadline. In case of a withdrawal, the enterprise shall refund the sum paid by the consumer without delay, but within 30 days the latest from the withdrawal. The consumer shall return the product without delay.

Private entrepreneur Erika Baglyas shall refund the total purchase price in case the product is returned without defect or damage, and has the right to claim compensation for any damage deriving from the inappropriate use of the product from the customer. Costs deriving from the return of the product due to the exercise of the right of withdrawal shall be borne by the Customer. The Customer shall not pay any other costs. Private entrepreneur Erika Baglyas has the right to claim compensation for any damage deriving from the inappropriate use of the product.
The product can be returned in person, at our Pick-up Point, where the product was taken over, or by sending it back via any courier service.

Hereby we inform you that in accordance with the provisions of Government decree nr. 45/2014. (II. 26.), the right to withdrawal cannot be exercised in the following cases: in case of a product which is connected to the buyer’s person, or which was produced based on the buyer’s instructions, or on their expressed request, and which cannot be returned inherently, or products in closed containers which cannot be returned after delivery or opening for health protection or hygienic reasons. In case it turns out any of the products listed above are proven to be defect, and the defect incurred before the takeover of the product, a 14 day exchange guarantee is provided for the product.
When the right to withdrawal is exercised, the Buyer shall proceed in good faith and exercise their right appropriately. The exercise of this right cannot result in an abuse of rights on behalf of the Buyer (paragraph 1:5 of the Civil Code prohibits the abuse of rights.)
The usage fee/amortization of products besides trying out is defined in the following:
The extent of the amortization is always calculated based on the price of the product.
– Damage or scratching of the packaging of the product, change of consistency: 30%.
– The protective foil of the product fixed by the manufacturer is removed: 20%.
– The product or its original accessories are scratched or creased: 40%.
To find whether the product returned by courier or at the Pick-up Point has been damaged, the Service provider shall assess its amortization. The Service provider may use an external expert for the assessment. The duration of the assessment may last from an “immediate visual control” to the period of the refund obligation set forth in point 7.1.10.

When the consumer orders a product which is not in stock, the Service provider shall do its best to procure the requested product. In case the product is out of production or cannot be supplied, the customer shall be informed and a new offer shall be made with respect to a replacement. The parties agree that the contract is only performed when the Service provider can supply the ordered product.

Treatment of personal data
Any personal data obtained by the seller shall be governed by the general data protection regulations. The use of personal data is performed in accordance with the relevant regulations of the Act on data protection.
The seller shall only store and use personal data of the buyers for the performance of the purchase and the later proof of the conditions of buying, and for sending newsletters requested by the buyer. Transmission of data to any third person can only occur in case the third person is obliged to use the data in order to perform the purchase as a subcontractor, to perform its duty related to the purchase, and only those data can be transmitted which are indispensable for the performance of the partial task (e.g. in case of the subcontractor performing delivery, the delivery address and the name of the person entitled to take over the delivery). The provisions of the Act on data protection are also obliging on subcontractors used. For more details, please visit our page on privacy.

Limitation of responsibility
The seller shall not take responsibility for any error, inconvenience, direct or indirect damage caused by technical (hardware, software) or communication (internet) infrastructure during connection to the DOT for You webshop, no matter whether the error or damage was due to server or client side operation under normal or extraordinary conditions.
The seller reserves the right to change any information without substantiation, including the present business regulation, which is in the webstore DOT for You, including the products, their description, and the basic or discount prices of the products. Any information related to the webstore DOT for You is accessible, therefore the seller shall not be held responsible for any errors, inconveniences, direct or indirect damages deriving from poor knowledge at any time.

Data and information on our website is compiled with the utmost care and thorough checks, however we cannot exclude the possibility that wrong or missing data is put on our website due to editing or other mistakes. The purchase price next to the selected product is always gross, which does NOT include the delivery price of the courier service. The images are the intellectual property of Erika Baglyas and the DOT for You brand, except for when it is explicitly indicated otherwise.

Consequently, Erika Baglyas shall not take responsibility for any direct or indirect damage, cost or expenditure to you deriving from their use, including of course damages due to data loss or lost profit.

Provisions on contracts between remote parties are contained in Government decree nr. 17/1999. (II. 5.).

Commercial amounts
Hereby we inform you that in our webstore only custom orders used in households are served. In case you would like to order in commercial amounts, please, contact our customer service.

Relevant legislation
Government decree nr. 17/1999. (II. 5.)
on contracts concluded between remote parties
Act XLVII/2008
on the prohibition of dishonest trade practices against consumers
Act CVIII/2001 on certain question related to electronic trade services and the information society
Government decree nr.151/2003. (IX. 22.)
on compulsory warranty on certain consumer durables and its amendments…
Government decree nr. 45/2014. (II. 26.)