Privacy Policy

Privacy policy
Erika Baglyas, operator hereby informs the visitors of the website about the practice followed concerning personal data management, organizational and technical measures for data protection and the related rights of users, as well as their exercise of these rights.

The data manager
The data manager is Erika Baglyas, private entrepreneur (registered seat: 1072, Budapest, Klauzál tér 7.)

Data management registration No: NAIH-140096/2018. (NAIH-140096/2018.)

The scope of the managed data
When the website is viewed, the starting and ending time of the user’s visit is recorded is automatically, as well as, depending on the settings of the user’s computer, the type of the browser and the operation system. These data are used by the system to generate statistical automatically. The operator shall not connect these data to personal data. When someone logs in to the website, a session ID is sent, which is automatically deleted when the user leaves the page.
The management of data given for the use of the website takes place with the user’s voluntary consent.

Objective of the data management
Data management serves the purpose of continuous contact between the registered users using the services of the website and the data manager as well as public opinion surveying.
The time of visit and the registration and storage of the type of the browser and the op is for statistical purposes only.
The data manager shall not use personal data for purposes different from the ones stated above. The management of such data is done with the user’s voluntary consent. shall treat all data and facts relevant to users confidentially and will only use them for the development of its own services, sales of advertising platforms and the compilation of own research and statistics. Publishing reports on these is only done in a manner which is unsuitable for the individual identification of users.

The duration of data management
Session IDs are deleted automatically when the user leaves the website. shall not be held responsible for its already deleted, earlier pages archived by Internet search engines. The removal of these sites is the search enginer operators’ sole responsibility.

Persons accessing the data, data processors
Personal data provided by the users can only be accessed by the staff of the data manager. Personal data shall not be transferred to any third person beside the persons mentioned above. This shall not concern certain compulsory data transmission cases required by law, which may only occur in extraordinary cases. The data manager shall, before the accomplishment of the individual official data requests whether there is a legal basis for the data transmission for each data.
The protection of your personal data is a priority for and its partners. The collection and processing of personal data suitable for the identification of users necessary for the use of our website is in accordance with the relevant Act on Data Protection in Hungary (Act nr. CXII/2011).
Your data is managed confidently, and shall not be transferred to any third party, except for when it is necessary for the performance of the contract (e.g. postal service, courier service). Our staff, partners and service providers are bound by confidentiality.

The user’s rights related to the management of their own data
The disclosure of the data is subject to the user’s approval. The legal basis of the data management is the user’s voluntary consent. The users have the right to request information on the management of their personal data. On request, the data manager provides information about the data of the user managed by the manager, the purpose of the data management, its legal basis, duration, the name, address of the data processor and its activities related to data management, and who have received the data and for what purposes. Information can be requested at the data manager’s postal address (registered seat: 1072 Budapest, Klauzál Tér 7.), or via email at Users can also initiate the correction or deletion of their personal data on the contacts above.
In case of the unpurposeful use of the website, or on the user’s own request, data relevant to the given user shall be deleted. Deletion is performed within 24 hours following the working day after the submission of the request.

Data security measures
Personal data managed by our company is stored on the servers of the service provider FORPSI, which are protected by 24 hour personal guards and are located on the Hungarian internet backbone network.

Legal remedy
Users who perceive that the owner of has infringed their rights to personal data protection may seek legal remedy and submit their claim at a civil court, or can request the assistance of the data protection commissioner. Detailed legal provisions governing these and the responsibilities of the data manager are contained by Act LXIII/1992. on the protection of personal data and the disclosure of public data. Our privacy policy is based on the provisions of Act LXIII/1992. on the protection of personal data and the disclosure of public data; and Act VI/1998 on the protection of individuals during machine processing of personal data.

Information on the dangers on privacy
Threats on privacy are inherent to internet use. We call your attention that your opinion expressed on our website is a personal data, which allows others to draw conclusions on your special data, origins or race, or political opinion. These data will be accessible by anyone.
We recommend you to use Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs). You can find information on PETs on numerous websites.

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