Legal notice

The founder and owner of ‘DOT for You’ design brand is Erika Baglyas.
All works by Erika Baglyas are copyrighted as well as her art works and design works.

The re-publication of ‘DOT for You’ products anywhere on the Internet and on any Social Media surfaces including downloading, is not ethical without indicating the source. This is the basic etiquette, and this is what we respect in each case. Thank you if you also can do it!

We are happy if you want to use any of the work of Erika Baglyas | DOT for You as illustration in a book, magazine, an advertisement campaign, brochure, or on the Internet, but you must submit a request to us. In this case, please contact us.

Photo credit in every case is © Baglyas Erika | DOT for You, except when it is indicated in a different way.

All rights reserved. © Erika Baglyas | DOT for You