IRKA 2018 diary

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SIZE | 18×14 cm, 256 pages, standing format
OUTSIDE | hand bound, hard board, canvas cover available in 4 colours: black, mauve, gray, olive green, hot foil stamping on the cover
INSIDE | offset printing, dot grid sheets, flyleaf color printing, sewn sheets Basic structure weekly format on the left side, memo section on the right side, it is 139 pages, 2018/2019 annual review, monthly and weekly overview, plus 117 dot grid note pages, 100 g Munken Lynx premium paper, Brandon Grotesque font
LIMITED EDITION | 600 limited, numbered copies


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Yes, we know. It is a digital world, we are rushing all the time, smartphones always at hand. There are many, however, whose most peaceful moments of the day would be looking at a clean, beautifully designed layout – without sacrificing speed for structure. Because your brain works differently when you put pen to paper.
There is no need for further explanation to deeply committed diary fans… But hey, digital friend, what if you give a try to this hand-operated thing? You can meet with surprising changes, new styles and dynamic. The IRKA is pure, simple, free from frills. In 2018 the cover is still dominated by circle’s perfect and universal beauty. The shape of the circle is the symbol of the collective knowledge, totality and harmony – what we all look for. A starting point and the end at the same time, an indivisible whole.
What we offer: a weekly planner on two pages – day to a page on one side with an extra page for notes, a yearly and monthly overview and additional note sheets. It is a diary and a notebook in one. You can define the dynamic of the week by dot grid pages. You can draw your own time. What we give you: Transparent system and a lot of space – be creative, plan your time together with your thoughts.
Black: beauty and depth – that is what black means to us. It could be unnoticeable but powerful in its minimalism. Analogue, inspiring structures, thinking and preciseness will be your companion during the year if you choose this. Black is an old-time favourite.
Mauve: a soft, warm, receiving colour. It lights mornings up. Sit down with it and sum up your daily tasks. A diary, a cup of green tea or coffee in the sunrise or a cozy fog may immerse you in thousands of moods.
Olive: we adore this beautiful and naturally deep green shade, it looks great on our DETEKTÍV notebook. We don’t believe in gender-segregation, it doesn’t matter you are male or female it can be yours. Diffuse the nature’s power toward you!
Grey: silky, fitting. This could give a lot of inspiration if you are open for it. Let your feelings and thoughts go free – and organise your tasks. If you vote for grey, you vote for pure elegance.

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Dimensions 18 x 14 x 2.5 cm

black, mauve, olive green, grey

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