IRKA 2024 calendar, limited, exclusive edition / horizontal notes


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SIZE | 14×18 cm, 224 pages
OUTSIDE | hard board, impregnated surface, covered with canvas textured material in 2 colors, embossing on the cover with gold foil
INSIDE | 100 g FSC- and EU EcoLabel certified premium paper, offset printing, dot grid sheets, threaded, 2 ribbon bookmarks, inside paper pocket. Basic structure weekly format on the left side, memo section on the right side, 2024/2025 annual review, monthly and weekly overview, thanks page, plus dot grid note pages.
COLORS | pearl white – gold / satin black – gold
LIMITED EDITION | Limited numbered series of 600 copies

The IRKA 2024 calendar is made in our usual high quality and exclusive design. The IRKA diary has 2 functions: a calendar and a notebook in one.

In addition to annual, monthly, and weekly dated overviews, we provide freely editable notebook pages. The second half of the calendar is specifically for note-taking.
You can easily mark which part you are working on with the 2 ribbon bookmarks. The paper pocket glued to the back cover helps you store the smaller notes.

The basic structure of the calendar is weekly. It contains a 2024/2025 annual overview, 12 monthly overviews, 52 weekly page pairs, thanks page pairs, plus 80 pages of freely editable dot grid note sheets in the second half of the diary.

This year, you can choose between 2 types of internal layout, those who take notes in columns and those who scribble horizontally will find the version they like.

We have perfected the layout of the internal pages, keeping minimalism and leaving as much free space as possible for scribbles.

The colors of the IRKA 2024 cover have been minimized and, in line with the new design, we have chosen a special impregnated, canvas-textured material in satin black and pearl white colors.
Don’t be afraid to choose pearl white, the surface of the material can be wiped, cleaned, elegant and beautiful. Of course, gold plating needs to be taken care of like a beautiful object in general.

The covers were decorated with embossing. Embossing is a traditional decorative bookbinding technique, each copy is individually made by hand.

The design of the IRKA 2024 calendar was inspired by the hundreds of years of Japanese kintsugi art. Kintsugi is a special way of gluing broken ceramics together. The word kintsugi means “union with gold”. The essence of the Kintsugi philosophy is that it does not hide the brokenness, the mistake, the injury, but accepts the imperfect.

“Nothing is eternal, nothing is finished, nothing is perfect.”



The IRKA calendar has been made in the DOT for You design manufacture for the ninth year in limited copies, premium quality. Manufacturing is done in community funding, as we believe that human communities have the power to create value. Manufacturing of the IRKA agenda is done with local labour force, using local resources. Our products are made of FSC-certified and ECO Label paper and materials. The wood used to make the paper is from a controlled forestry: no rainforest is cut down to produce it and it is not coming from environmental exploitation. The manufacturing process of the paper is elemental chlorine free. This procedure prevents toxic and carcinogen dioxin emissions. This manufacturing technology is considered the “best accessible technology” in the EU.

This product is printed on Mondi premium uncoated, FSC certified paper: PERGRAPHICA® Natural Smooth 100 g / m2 and PERGRAPHICA® Natural Smooth 150 g / m2.

By purchasing our products, you are supporting a domestic small business.
Thank you for believing in us!

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Weight0.4 kg
Dimensions21 × 14.8 × 2.5 cm

satin black – gold, pearl white – gold


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