EXCLUSIVE IRKA 2020 annual notebook, planner, calendar , limited edition


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In this year, the brand’s 5th birthday featured an extraordinarily beautiful limited edition collection. The canvas covers the picturesque, sensual, playful surfaces decorated with unique hot-foil stamping technique. The edges of the capsule collection are gilded and each copy is hand numbered.

EXCLUSIVE IRKA agenda decorated with traditional bookbinding decoration techniques using the possibilities of chance. You will not find two of the same, order from the collection for yourself or as a gift a masterpiece of graphic design and bookbinding and enjoy it proudly in the next year. You will be a joy to see every day!

Each copy of the EXCLUSIVE IRKA 2020 agenda is different, delivered in an exclusive package as a surprise package. One pieces of FONTOS VAGY postcard is included with each copy.

SIZE | 14x18cm, 224 pages, standing format
OUTSIDE | hard board, black canvas cover, hot foil stamping on the cover, edge gilding
INSIDE | offset printing, dot grid sheets, sewn sheets, 2 ribbon bookmarks

Basic structure weekly format on the left side, memo section on the right side, 2020/2021 annual review, monthly and weekly overview, plus dot grid note pages.

COLOURS |black canvas cover with unique hot-foil stamping, edge gilding
LIMITED EDITION | 106 limited, hand numbered copies


Oxygen is the biosphere on Earth: the most frequent chemical element of the mass of theatmosphere, the seas and land, the third most frequentelement in the universe. 49.2 per centof the stratosphere is oxygen, and it is the main component of the oceans of the world, 88.8weight percent. The Earth is unusual and special among the planets of the Solar system, as itis the only place where oxygen gas can be found in such huge quantity in the atmosphere.According to certain estimates, green moss and cyanobacteria in the seas produce about 70per cent of the free oxygen on Earth, and plants on the land make up for the remaining part. Certain estimates imply oceans produce about 45 per cent of the oxygen in the atmosphereannually. An adult person in stationary state breathes in 1.8-2.4 grams of oxygen per minute.This amount, regarding the whole mankind means 6 billion tons of oxygen breathed inannually. The most known oxygen compound is water, which is indispensable for earthly life.The design of the IRKA 2020 annual notebook pays tribute to sufficient oxygen and clean wateras a basic right for every human. Let’s protect it together.

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The IRKA agenda has been made in the DOT for You design manufacture for the fifth year inlimited copies, premium quality. Manufacturing is done in community funding, as we believethat human communities have the power to create value. Manufacturing of the IRKA agenda is done with local labour force, using local resources. DOT for You notebooks are made of FSC-certified paper, because we believe we can also do something for a sustainable future. The wood used to make the paper is from a controlled forestry:no rainforest is cut down toproduce it and it is not coming from environmental exploitation. The manufacturing processof the paper is elemental chlorine free. This procedure prevents toxic and carcinogen dioxinemissions. This manufacturing technology is considered the “best accessible technology” inthe EU. By purchasing this product, you have supported a domestic business. Thank you forbelieving in us.

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