EX-VOTO, premium art print, A4

14.00 (nettó 14.00)

SIZE | A4 size, 21×29.7 cm
OUTSIDE | 350 g Color Style Recycling premium paper with hot foil stamping
DESIGN | self-designed “heart” graphic
COLOR | black paper, hot foil stamping with different foils

It is delivered without a frame.

Recommended frame sizes for the A4 picture are 21×30 or 30×40 cm.

EX-VOTO, meaning: “from a vow”, ex voto suscepto. Our EX-VOTO poster is a premium art print in A4 size, made in a limited series with hot foil stamping. The graphic of the print was inspired by the rich iconography of the “sacred heart” motif. An ex-voto (or milagros) is a votive gift, an object made from a vow, which is given or offered as a sign of gratitude. EX-VOTO or MILAGROS refers to religious folk incantations traditionally used for healing purposes and as votive offerings in Mexico, the southern United States, other areas of Latin America, and parts of the Iberian Peninsula. In Spanish, “milagro” means miracle.

The ex-voto is usually limited to Christian examples, in the Latin world it is known in many forms, the object representation of the “Sacred Heart” motif can also be classified as votive objects. A vow object can be made of many different materials, it can be a metal plaque, a pendant, a painting, or a picture on a tin plate. We work with paper, so we made our ex-voto on high-quality, FSC and EuEcoLabel-certified Color Style Recycling 350 g recycled premium cardboard.

Our goal was to create an image that reminds us of our religious or profane, worldly vows, prayers, and good deeds, and which we gladly give to someone as a sign of our gratitude.

In the symbolism of the EX-VOTO poster, we drew on religious and secular motifs, and in what it says, it is about important human values: love, attention, care, human goodness.

The image was printed with several layers of processing, 5 embossing tools, 4 different colors hot foil stamping and an embossing, so we created a detailed and noble surface game.

We tried to create an image that is built from symbols that are known and understandable to everyone, and is suitable for us to see the good and important feeling that we call gratitude.

We can give it as a gift to our loved ones on the occasion of important life events, or we can place it in our own living space, where it reminds us of our religious or secular vows, prayers, and good deeds.


Can be customized for companies! For a quote, contact us.

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Our products are made from FSC-certified paper because we believe we can do something for a sustainable future. The wood used to make the paper comes from controlled logging: it does not clear rainforests and is not a product of environmental robbery. During the production of paper, the manufacturing process is free of elemental chlorine. This process prevents the release of toxic and carcinogenic dioxins. This manufacturing technology is known as the “best available technology” in the EU.

By purchasing this product, you have supported a domestic business. Thank you for believing in us!

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