DOT weekly planner block

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SIZE A4, 29.7 × 21 cm
Undated weekly planner block with removable sheets.
100 g premium acid-free paper, 52 sheets in block form.
FSC certified warm white sheet 1+ 0 c black, ofset printing

The DOT weekly planner was created with an undated weekly allocation. The 52-sheets system combines the clean, clear structure of the weekly planner with the freedom of the bullet journaling. This undated system allows you to start a new, better, more conscious, and thus more productive life at any time of the year. Set goals, write them down, create your own system, give yourself time and win the day.

Customizable for companies, please contact us.

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Our products are made from FSC-certified paper because we believe we can do something for a sustainable future. The wood used to make the paper comes from controlled logging: it does not clear rainforests and is not a product of environmental robbery. During the production of paper, the manufacturing process is free of elemental chlorine. This process prevents the release of toxic and carcinogenic dioxins. This manufacturing technology is known as the “best available technology” in the EU.

By purchasing this product, you have supported a domestic business. Thank you for believing in us!

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