Budapest postcard


Choose our package offer and get 1 black-holo silver + 1 white-holo silver postcard for €10 instead of €12

SIZE | 120×180 mm
FRONT | 300 g cardboard in different colours
BACK | 400 g premium cardboard cream white
OUTSIDE | laminated, double-sided foil stamping
with hot foil, with envelope
DESIGN | Budapest map

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BUDAPEST postcard is a picture message that you can get or give as a gift. You can send it by post, you can frame it and put it on the wall. That is our Budapest: complete, radiant, loveable. Of course there is a lot of work and inspiration behind. We have found a perfectly beautiful Budapest map and put the material into a new context by adding some lights, colours and harmony. One thing is sure – during the design there were no compromises.
It is available in five colours.
Yellow-magenta: bright, radiant, fresh, bold – it cheers you up
Black-bronze: simply beautiful, perfect contrast of black and bronze – it captivates you
White-gold: classic, elegant – it is easy to love
Grey-rose gold: sophisticated, silky, pure – it calms you down
Pink-green: bold, romantic and refined – it makes you happy

Additional information

Weight 0.0027 kg
Dimensions 12 x 18 x 0.4 cm

1 black-holo silver + 1 white-holo silver, black-holo silver, white-holo silver, grey-rosegold, pink-green, black-bronze, yellow-magenta, white-gold

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